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IBM PEX Trace Frontend

In rare cases - most installations will probably never get the need - complex performance problems may require a more detailed analysis than what GiAPA can offer as standard. Typical cases are when jobs are delayed without using very much CPU - such jobs are normally assumed to be OK by GiAPA, but may be analyzed using GiAPA's own "Watch job" function.

Should that not be sufficient, GiAPA includes interfaces to IBM's PEX (Performance Explorer) tool and to the CL-commands used to trace a job. Whilst these two tools master an extremely detailed analysis of what a job or programs does, the resulting standard reports can be very large and somewhat complex, therefore presenting a "needle in the haystack" situation.

GiAPA's front ends to PEX and Trace Job make it very easy to use these IBM tools, because GiAPA will analyze the results automatically and produce exception reports, which e.g. for a trace analysis could be a couple pages instead of several hundred.

Examples on using these front ends are available from in Tutorial number 16.